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Hydro-Blasting is a form of industrial cleaning that utilizes water at high pressures and/or high volumes for a chemical free, high impact cleaning.

High Pressure Blasting: Typically, high pressure blasting is used for external cleaning.  Pressures can range from 5,000 to 40,000 psi. Concrete can be cut at 17,000 psi. Water volumes generally range from 4 to 20 gpm (gallons per minute). Some typical methods for high pressure blasting include the following:

Shotgun Blasting: Shotguns are hand held operated spray nozzles used for general  cleaning, de-coating, structural cleaning, and tough concrete cleaning jobs. The shotgun spray nozzles can be straight, fanned or can be a spinner device. The nozzle used is tailored to the job at hand. The shotgun's 5 foot length helps protect the operator from potential harm.

Hard and Soft Water Lancing: These small diameter hoses or tubing with spray nozzles attached are used to clean small diameter orifices such as heat exchangers, bundles, and small pipes. Soft lances are 50 feet or longer and can be joined together for additional cleaning distances and can negotiate bends. The operator uses a foot control box to control the water pressure. Multiple lances can be operated at one time.


Water Jetting: Water jetting uses larger diameter hoses and spray nozzles. The nozzles are self-propelled  by aiming more of the water pressure backward and less forward. These hoses can be coupled together for cleaning longer distances. They are used for cleaning larger diameter pipes and sewer lines. The operator also uses a foot control box to control the water pressure.

Abrasive Cutting: Abrasive cutting uses very high pressure water and an abrasive to  cut through steel and concrete (including rebar). It is the slowest and  most expensive method of cutting. Its value is that it is spark free and can be used where flammable conditions exist. Its uses include: cutting  up metal tanks to be scrapped, cutting doors in tanks for repairs, removing old pipes, and cutting accurate openings in concrete walls and floors.


High Impact Cleaning: High impact cleaning is normally used for internal cleaning of tanks and boilers. The greatest value is that entry into the structure is not required. It is also our most aggressive cleaning system. A spinner device is inserted into the structure via a hard lance, cable, etc. The normal  cleaning pressure is 10,000 psi and water volumes as high as 100 gpm are used. The higher volume gives the water "weight" and this weight at high velocity does the cleaning.

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