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Air movers or wet/dry vacuum trucks operate by creating a hurricane like condition inside of a 6 or 8 inch hose. By pulling from 5,000 to 6,500 cubic feet of air per minute, the equipment can literally vacuum bricks. The physical properties  of vacuum limits air movers, like liquid vacuum trucks, to about 30' of vertical lift with water. When air is used, vertical lift with water can be hundreds of feet. Vertical lift of 1,000 feet can be achieved with lighter  solid substances.

Another benefit of using air movers is the speed at which they operate.  In some cases they can clean sumps while a plant continues to operate. They also outperform manual labor or wet vacuum trucks many times. And with most  operations, the most expensive part of cleanup is lost production.

Some additional options that are available with air movers  include high dump units that can dump into a 20-yard roll-off

Since solids, as well as liquids, can be vacuumed into the debris body they are equipped with half or full opening rear doors and the body raises to dump.

Units equipped with hydraulic  booms are for cleaning large sumps or lifting products laden  with sand.


Low vacuum, high CFM units are for moving lightweight products faster. The debris body is also equipped with a cyclone and bag  house. The cyclone is designed to duplicate a cyclone (cyclone is the name for hurricanes in the Southern hemisphere) after air and any remaining product leaves the debris body. The air spins in the cyclone creating an eye in the center (the same as the eye in a hurricane). Any product that has made  it to the cyclone will migrate to the eye and then fall to the bottom. A  correctly maintained and operated truck will catch over 99% of the material that make it to cyclone. Any material that makes it through the cyclone will be caught in the bag house. The bag house is equipped with 20 to 60  bag filters. Blowing high volumes of air backwards though the filters from an air cannon cleans the filters. The material then falls to the bottom  of the bag house. Both the bag house and the cyclone are equipped with chutes that run to the back of the debris body. When the debris body opens, raises,  and dumps, the doors on the chutes open and they dump also.

The hoses are an inexpensive 6 or 8-inch plastic ADS type hose. They are disposed of where they are used or left for the next job. The debris body,  cyclone, bag house, and chutes are also cleaned onsite to avoid contamination on the next job.

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